• Curious Sarah

"No Man's Land"

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

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I died many times

Every time you summoned me for a reunion

My brain went static

And into slumber

But i'm wide awake!

Glistening with joy from the sight of your sparkling being

O eternal guide...

I long for your summon

I yearn for you always

I feel you pulsating in my veins

Beating drums in my heart

You are the field that i play in

I flow inside your frequency like a child inside a womb

This life i live in

Is my eternal playground

While your womb is my resting place

I belong to no man's land

A nomad by birth right

In my journey towards you

I tasted you within me

Beside me

In front of me

And no one else

Except the gathering

The gathering of enlightened beings

Seeking for blessing

In this tribal journey

Towards a no man's land

- Written by Curious Sarah

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