• Curious Sarah

Creative Consistency by Allowing

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

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Somewhere along the path, I found a new brand of thought.

How to achieve consistency by allowing.

Although I’m not in the mood to create something, I will just do it.

It might be in a different format than the last one,

so as to pick up the desire to create.

But in all, just start writing and let the flow of words streaming down through the fingers,

from the foam of thoughts in the head.

That foam will be distilled and becomes a clarity by the time it reaches the tip of the fingers, and come to life on the screen.

What a joy to have when that happens.

To sum it up, there would be times the mood to create is low, nonetheless with a tad of push to assume position to start creating, the magic drill will start to electrify the spine and bring the words to life.

a blank page no more.

To clarify the thoughts, let the fingers start dancing on the keyboards.

Watch them slowly form words, paragraphs and a story, an idea.

Revisions could come later.

Re writing will be easier by the time the page being revisited the next time.

It’s fine to let the first draft to dry their inks first and being sipped hungrily by the paper.

Let the page quench its thirst, then slowly it will allow you to tweak it around for the better.

It will allow you to do that, it is so receptive.

Such a deep lesson from a blank page.

The blank page had made a contract with the fingers to be the medium for a captivating writing to be born from the touch of the fingers on the keyboard.

The question remains, will you allow them to start dancing in such a smooth collaboration and start take your position as a spectator, and allow yourself to be mesmerized by their performance.

Give it a try! This writing was born from that approach.

This approach could be implemented on everything else besides writing.